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    • Award-Winning Activist

      Dan was voted by Edmonton’s general public as Best Activist in Vue Weekly‘s Best Of Edmonton 2017 series. This is only one of many accolades he has received over the years.

    • Man of the People

      Dan has appeared in hundreds of news interviews and publications over the years to be a champion for countless issues that affect Albertans every day.

    • Friend of the Community

      Charismatic and bold, Dan commands a strong community presence and unparalleled leadership. Deeply invested in fighting for others, he will work undeterred and steadfast.

    • The People's Champion

      Dan has been a strong advocate for many causes including homelessness, poverty alleviation, protecting LGBTQ rights, defending domestic violence victims, and discrimination.

    • Hands-On Leadership

      Dan has raised millions in funds and resources for the people who need it most. Never afraid to roll up his sleeves, Dan selflessly works at a grassroots level to bring positive change.

Alberta Party – Nomination Candidate – Edmonton South. Donate, Volunteer, Participate Today!

Seeking Your Support

As one of Western Canada’s most renowned social activists and philanthropists, Dan has spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives to raise millions for today’s most relevant issues. Hardworking, passionate, and prudent, he has proven himself to be a valuable leader who cares for people.

Dan is a fiscally-conservative, socially-progressive candidate who envisions a strong, diverse, and vibrant Alberta. He is a community leader with a proven track record, and will bring a powerful, sensible, and fresh voice to the Legislature.

  • Uniting the People
    Rallying the community to shed light on what matters most to Albertans.
    Fighting for the Next Generation
    Making positive strides in education and investing in our children's future.
    Investing in the Economy
    Keeping Albertans working and their taxes low; paying down Alberta's deficit without cutting valuable social programs.
  • Fiscally Responsible
    Maximizing taxpayer dollars through accountability and transparency.
    Alberta Strong
    Embracing our number one industry by keeping the oil fields prosperous, while displaying continuous leadership in environmental protection.
    Grassroots Advocacy
    Ensuring everyone has a say in the direction of our province and that voters will always be heard.
  • Alleviating Poverty
    Working with charities and non-profits across the province to ensure everyone is adequately provided for.
    Supporting Small Business
    Protecting and investing in our small, local business owners and entrepreneurs.
    Fighting Hate & Oppression
    Reinforcing Alberta as a diverse, safe, and welcoming home for all.